Once a new email address has been created for your domain (i.e. info@mywebsite.co.za), you have two options:

You can read your emails online with your web browser. To access your webmail use this link:

In your browser's address bar, replace the words 'mywebsite' with your own domain name, then log in with your email address and password.


Or you can download your emails to your computer by using Outlook. If you are already using Outlook for your personal email, you can add your website's email address as well - the program will then download email from all your email addresses at the same time.

See complete instructions for setting up a new email account in Outlook below.

Set up Outlook

Open Outlook and go to 'Tools' / 'Email Accounts'. Select 'Add a new email account'. 'Next'.

Select 'POP3'. 'Next'.

'User Information':
Enter your name and the new email address.

'Logon Information':
Enter your new email address into the 'User Name' block and your password.

'Server Information':
Type pop3.mywebsite.co.za in the 'Incoming mail server (POP3)' block (replace the words 'mywebsite' with your own domain name).

Type mail.mywebsite.co.za in the 'Outgoing mail server (SMTP)' block (replace the words 'mywebsite' with your own domain name). 'Next'.


For the outgoing mail server, we need to change two more settings.

Click on 'More Settings'.

Click on the 'Outgoing Server' tab and add a 'tick' next to the words 'My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication'. Select 'Log on using' and once again enter your email address as the 'User Name' and your password.


Finally, go to the 'Advanced' tab and under 'Server Port Numbers', change the 'Outgoing server (SMTP)' to 587.


'OK'. 'Next'. 'Finish'.

If all went well you should now be able to send and receive email with your new email account.